2009 Speaker Nomination


Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics

One of the objectives of the WoPHY conference is to provide undergraduate students with a platform to present their research to their peers. This rare opportunity to be an invited speaker as an undergraduate researcher will allow students to develop their ability to present scientific ideas and information. Faculty advisors are invited to nominate their most outstanding undergraduate researchers to the organizing committee by the procedure described below. Approximately 15 nominated undergraduates will be selected by the conference organizing committee and invited to present at the meeting.

To nominate an undergraduate researcher for an invited talk, faculty advisors should send a short, one-page recommendation letter to the organizing committee (a.enders@me.com). Letters of recommendation should include a short description of the research project, suggested title of the talk, and short description of the candidate's qualifications and strengths. It is expected that faculty advisors guide their student in preparing and rehearsing her talk prior to the conference.

Any faculty wishing to speak at the conference may also nominate themselves.