2014 General Information



Scope of the Conference

The University of Nebraska - Lincoln is bringing together outstanding student researchers for a three-day conference, from Thursday, November 6 - Saturday, November 8, 2014. You are invited to take part in this unique opportunity to expand upon your current research experiences, interact with students from other universities, and attend scientific talks given by scientists who are leaders in their field.

The conference is organized by UNL's Materials Science Centers MRSEC, CNFM, and NCMN. As such, this conference will highlight progress in the quest for new materials and nanoscience, and that's why our theme is "Nano Rising 2014". We invite research active undergraduate students in physical sciences to attend this conference. If you are currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in physics, chemistry, engineering, astronomy or related STEM disciplines, then this conference is for you!

As a participant you will be able to present your research results to your peers during invited talks or poster sessions. Social activities will also provide time for you to share your experiences and interests with other students, as well as visit with faculty members from UNL and other universities. These experiences will contribute to a successful career in physical sciences by providing opportunities for you to develop your ability to convey your ideas, establish relationships with other colleagues, and obtain advice and guidance for pursuing your career.

The conference will be held on UNL's city campus in downtown Lincoln, NE. Participants will stay at the Holiday Inn - Downtown Lincoln, conveniently located in the heart of the Historic Haymarket District near specialty shops and restaurants and just a few walking minutes from the conference site.

All local expenses, including food and hotel accommodation, are covered by our sponsors, and there is no registration fee. In some cases, we are able to provide travel scholarships to undergraduate participants. Support is given upon request by the supervising faculty. More information on travel scholarships can be found on the Nominations page.

Who should attend?

The primary focus of WoPHY is to offer undergraduate women in physical sciences opportunities to present their research, to interact with their peers and with faculty, and to obtain career advice. While Materials Science provides a unifying theme for the plenary talks, we invite undergraduate and graduate researchers from all areas of physics, chemistry, engineering, astronomy or related STEM disciplines to attend, and to present their research during poster sessions.

Events and Opportunities at the Meeting

The WoPHY conference will consist of several sessions held Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Each session will begin with a presentation from a keynote speaker, followed by invited talks given by undergraduate researchers. (Faculty wanting to nominate undergraduate student speakers can find more information by visiting the 'Speaker Nomination' link under the 'Registration' tab.) All registered participants will be able to present their research at the poster session, and we encourage every student to use this opportunity to highlight her research project and most exciting results.

The WoPhyS conference schedule will also allow for plenty of opportunities to interact with other students. Every participant is encouraged to have fun sharing their ideas, experiences, and interests with new friends and future colleagues they are sure to meet. One of the highlights of the WoPhyS conference will be panel discussions and presentations that focus on offering advice and information to guide aspiring physicists in their careers. Students will get in contact with established scientists and faculty, to obtain advice, to gain insight in the daily work of a scientist, to network with each other and to have fun.