WoPhyS 2016 Conference


WoPhyS 2016 - Eighth Annual Conference

"Be Like Jill"

Thursday, Oct. 27 - Saturday, Oct. 29, 2016


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Announcement (October-28-2016):

Here are the winners of the Best Poster Award:

  • Juliana Herran (University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls): "Effects of Pressure and Strain on Spin Polarization of IrMnSb"
  • Madelyn Leembruggen (University of Cincinnati): "Collapse of Axion Stars"
  • Rachel Lukowicz (Doane University, Crete, Ne): "A Colorimetric Sensor Array for the Identification and Quantification of Analytes"
  • Elizabeth Laskowski and Brianna Shoulak (University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire): "Tuning Smart Properties of MPEG-BLOCK-PDMAEMA through Polymer Composition"
  • Sang Jennifer Ngo (California State University-Long Beach): "Novel Technique of Changing Porosity in Three-Dimensional Printing Bone Structure and its Biocompatibility to Osteoblast Cells"



Announcement (August-11-2016):

List of Confirmed Speakers:

1) Gretchen Campbell, University of Maryland

2) Sarah Demers, Yale University

3) Joan Dreiling, National Institute of Standards and Technology

4) Rui He, University of Northern Iowa

5) Lucie B. Johannes, Johnson Space Center, NASA

6) Gabriella Jordan, Handel Group

7) Rebecca Lai, UNL

8) Anne Marie March, Argonne National Laboratory

9) Tiffany Santos, HGST (A Western Digital Company)

10) Sally Seidel, University of New Mexico

11) Christina Wilson, Doane University

Announcement (June-8-2016):

This years conference will be held on October 27-29, 2016. Please check our web page regularly for updates.

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